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Follies of a Navy Chaplain

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Tanks for the Memories

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They were all young kids

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Love Company

A Mile in Their Shoes

A Mile in Their Shoes

2014, Aaron Elson


Stories on TANKBOOKS.com

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Ewww, Lice! Vern Schmidt

A Hot Meal, and an Accidental Death  Arnold Brown

Once Upon a Time in France Jane Doyle

Angelo.jpg (10457 bytes)Tiger Burning Angelo Crapanzano, LST 507, survived his ship's sinking during Exercise Tiger, a practice D-Day operation that went tragically awry.

Letters From the Front  Morse Johnson, 712th Tank Battalion.

Frenchy  Jerome Auman, Marine Corps veteran

A Letter to Myself  Dale Albee

Norma  Jim Cary, 712th Tank Battalion

  What Happens to Combat Veterans  Clarence Rosen

  An Amazing Weekend in France  Margaret Hoffman

  A Difficult Choice  Eugene Sand, 712th Tank Battalion

Look, Up in the Sky...  Eugene Sand, 712th Tank Battalion

The Anzio Beachhead  Milton Briggs, USS Brooklyn

Medal? Trooper Asks Only His Shirt  Newspaper article from 1942

A Different Kind of Christmas  Dan Shine

The Falaise Gap  John Warner, 90th Infantry Division

Reality  Wally Hoffman

The Bandleader  Stan Freeman, 712th Tank Battalion

Fill in the Blanks  Arnold Brown, 90th Infantry Division

Chicago Streetfighter  Marion Hess, 124th Infantry Regimental Association

The Roustabout  Lester Suter

A Thousand Miles an Hour  Lester Suter

July 3rd, 1944  A tank battalion's first day in combat

A Medic's Story  Ed Madden, 90th Infantry Division

Taking a Town  Francis Fuller, 712th Tank Battalion

Write Your Story  Jerome Auman, Marine veteran

There Goes another Tonsil  Ed "Smoky" Stuever, 712th Tank Battalion

A Navy Corpsman on Guadalcanal  John Francis Richter

The Purple Heart  Dick Bengoechea, 712th Tank Battalion

Cannon Fodder  Arnold Brown, 90th Infantry Division

Anything but Soup  Lex Obrient, 712th Tank Battalion

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