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Follies of a Navy Chaplain

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Tanks for the Memories

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They were all young kids

A Mile in Their Shoes

A Mile in Their Shoes

nine lives

Nine Lives

2014. Aaron Elson


Stories on TANKBOOKS.com

Good morning, Normandy. Pfc. Paul Wannemacher's first day with the 712th Tank Battalion.

Love Company Rifleman John M. Khoury's view of World War II as seen from a foxhole. Also available as a newly published book.

An Open Heart Dale Albee

Born on the Wrong Side of the Fence  Bruno Ehlich's remarkable story of his days as a young boy in Germany.

My Three Weeks in Normandy Clyde Phelps

A True Hero Arnold Brown

A Churchgoing Man Max Lutcavish

Machine Gun Hill  Darrell Petty, 90th Infantry Division

Remembrance of combat in Normandy. A remarkable and graphic book-length memoir by the late Guy Charland, of Company G, 357th Regiment, of the 90th "Texas-Oklahoma" Infantry Division. The memoir was provided by the author's sons, Colin and Chad Charland.

He Did, She Did Dan Diel

Omaha Beach Armageddon Chuck Hurlbut

'Don't Ma'am Me' Clifford Merrill

warchild.jpg (30018 bytes)A Child in London Margaret Hoffman

Escape in Normandy The harrowing adventures of Marcel Bollag

The Finger of Fate  Steve Krysko, 712th Tank Battalion

A Careful Drunk Dess Tibbitts

The Helmet: A Miracle of Survival Glenn E. Schmidt

Captured in Hatten A trio of accounts comprising The POW Diary of Glenn E. Schmidt, Jack Nickell's Letter, and Captain Corson's Speech

Man Overboard Lou Putnoky

See You in Hell The story of G Company, 357th Regiment, 90th Infantry Division

My Life Monfrey Wilson, 1st Infantry Division

A Walk in the Sun  Len Goodgal, 101st Airborne Division

yvonne.jpg (11449 bytes)One Woman's War Evonne Ellacott Knapp

A Veteran of the Bulge Bernie Barenbrugge

The Professor Walter Galbraith

It Could Happen to You Hal Mapes

My Army Life Phil Eckhart

Bloody Ridge Dan Shine

'Take my picture'  Ed Spahr

Vignettes From a Teenager During the German Occupation of the Netherlands. Hansje de Zwaan Johnson

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